The Ultimate Questions A Hotelier Should Be Asking Himself

Being a part of the hotel and hospitality industry, is definitely a profitable field to thrive in. However, just like in a game of chess, there needs to be a Queen to protect the King from its enemy pawns and knights. In this case, the queen is the hotelier himself, while the king is the entire hotel empire he is trying to build and the enemy pawns and knights, are obviously the competitors themselves. So as the queen that is given the duty of protecting the king, it is important that he strategizes a plan and is smart about every move he makes. And there are certain things he should be questioning himself with, to understand and make wise decisions on the next move. Here are some of them.

Is the first impression right?

They say it takes only the first seven seconds for a person to judge another or anything in general. And it is these seven seconds that are the most important to ensure that there would be continuous service with the considering guesthouse. So as the hotelier offering hospitality investment Hong Kong to potential suitable candidates, ask yourself, are you setting the right first impression? Does your hotel look attractive from the inside and out? If you were a customer yourself, would you want to come back especially because the place looks good? Think of answers for these and then you will certainly be able to set up the perfect interior and exterior that would create the ideal first impression within any client’s mind.

Is the farewell working?

Not being able to easily say goodbye to good things, shows how much they are worthy and the experience you may have had with it, would be one that is memorable for sure. Similarly, even when it comes to the end of a stay with a guesthouse that offers hospitality jobs vacancies for interested parties, your client’s should be saddened by the fact that they have come to the end of their stay. And to ensure complete service, you need to offer the perfect last impression as well. Be sure to bid them farewell in a way where they would want to come back. You could also offer complementary gift items as well to ensure that you are creating a good lasting last impression as well. If they do come back again, then you have definitely created the perfect impact and lasting impression in their minds.

How efficient are you?

Being quick and being efficient, is one of the greatest expectations any customer has on the services offered by just about any guesthouse. So ask yourself, are your services quick? How efficient are your employees? Do they have the right equipment to guarantee even better and faster service? Answering such questions would help you develop further on the overall efficiency of your guesthouse and would also most definitely guarantee the highest rate of customer satisfaction, which is what any business strives to achieve.

Work on continuously developing the way you do things in your hotel and looking at things in a customer’s point of view, then achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and best hotelier becomes a piece of cake!