Swimming In Ningaloo Reef For Finding Whale Sharks

Whale sharks are very gentle creatures. It is the largest living species of fish. Most fish of similar sized have gone extinct. Whale sharks can be spotted around Ningaloo reef throughout the year. They are migratory fish and swim all around the globe. They swim at a very slow pace. This makes them easy to spot. You can safely swim next to a whale shark. You should visit Ningaloo reef humpback whales if you want to watch whale sharks in the wild. Many people are fascinated with the prospect of swimming with whale sharks in the wild. Whale sharks live to be over fifty years in the wild. They are extremely large animals and are often found in warm waters. The water around Ningaloo reef is very warm. This makes it ideal for whale sharks. Most whale sharks stay in warm seas all year round.

Diving into the reef:

You have to dive deep in order to find whale sharks in Coral Bay. Whale sharks often swim near the surface if the water. However, they can be found at up fifty to sixty meters below sea level. They have large bodies that allow them to swim with ease. They have a filtration mechanism inside their mouths that allows them to feed on small creatures. The whale sharks around Ningaloo reef often feed on plankton and other small animals. Plankton are found in abundance around Ningaloo reef. This is because the temperature of the rate near Ningaloo reef is reasonably high. Warm waters encourage the growth of plankton. Plankton are plentiful where sunlight is abundant. This is why whale sharks are so easy to spot around Ningaloo reef.

Buying the diving gear:

You should buy diving gear before going for a swim in Ningaloo reef. This includes a diving suit and a mask. An oxygen tank will be needed too if you plan on diving deep. Most whale sharks are found near the surface of the water. This means you can swim with them without using an oxygen tank. An oxygen tank is only needed if you plan on diving deep. Ningaloo reef is full of krill and other small crustaceans. They are the primary good source of whale sharks. They can be found swimming inside the reef. They attract the whale sharks to the reef. Whale sharks only feed on small animals such as krill and plankton. They do not feed on large prey, unlike other sharks.

Whale sharks are very gentle and rarely ever attack humans.  No attacks on humans have been recorded. You should still be careful when swimming in Ningaloo reef looking for a whale shark. They can still harm you inadvertently. This is because of their large size. You should be careful while swimming next to a whale shark.